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Advertisement for the 1834 Edition

Manifest destiny signified a glowing faith in democracy

A solitary lamp shone in the vestibule and a single candle flickered

His eyes were sad and heart empty from the recent death of his wife

This was the first man I killed!

When he comes he will bring a breeze with him

Ghost towns are easier to document because of official records

They danced on a dirt floor, and it was very dusty

The medicine man said the wound was mortal!

Beware of metaphysics:

This one tended to do necessary things and to inquire afterward

       into their legality

And why towers the oak in grandeur to heaven, while the shrub

       at its base is trodden?

Our pastimes and sports had been laid aside for two years

There was bad management somewhere

The women were enveloped in shawls and did not disclose their faces

The idea was to keep the flies in motion while the guests were eating

We killed several men and about forty horses

He had shown great energy and resource in putting down

       Indian uprisings

His actual politics were vague

His manners though formed in the wilds of the west were

       exceedingly polished

There were blood pools everywhere

Their friend ran a short distance and was shot dead!

The boat was soon in flames!

The whites commenced slaughtering!

If they are sorry when about to die, all is well!

All this land had been ours

This was an uninhabited region of lakes and mountains

Abandoned places, limitless wildernesses

When food was scarce we ate worms and rodents

Consider the stupendous feat

We rise to legends and tales of stagecoaches

The hostess was sitting on a sack of barley, while her husband

        tended bar

Two murderers brazenly entered and ordered breakfast


Thus he had been dreaming for four years

The country was ruined past redemption

His head throbbed with splitting pains, owing to years of

        tobacco chewing

He could not stop the bleeding from an axe wound


The old chief had some dogs killed

The news ran through our camp like fire in the prairie

The Americans want to take your country from you

They put captives to death by unspeakable torture


This was the most terrible sight I had ever seen

Hogs of the villagers set upon the carcasses

Bodies of the dead were attacked by ravens and buzzards

A head was cut off and preserved in a jar of poisonous liquors


The mules, terrified by the smell of blood, reared and

         plunged frantically

The demon of blood and slaughter has been let loose upon us

Miscellaneous murders, riots, and other outrages

It was no year for righteous men


Who will set limits on this forward march?

Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God, if ever

        he had chosen people

Religion is indispensable to restrain the brute appetites of the

        lower orders

The drive to the west has helped preserve the power of agriculture

        in the nation


Power alone limits power

Many felt the slavery question was irrelevant

Nearing the houses, they became aware of a strong stench,

The stench of men covered with crimes


But now he was hallucinating and it was thought best to place him

        in an asylum

A recent freshet had washed away the earth

The spring still flows the year round

Gold lay where it had been stacked


My object was not war!

We were forced to wear the ball and chain!

All our plans were now defeated

As we reach the end of our journey to places fallen into obscurity,

       so I am now done.

[1] The notion that every man that works a day on the road is entitled to an equal participation in the whole power of government is most unreasonable and has no foundation in justice.